Noelia Lecue Francia
Noelia Lecue Francia is a Spanish curator based
in New York City. She was a 2016-2018 Fulbright Fellow
at MA Curatorial Practice, at School of Visual Arts.
She holds a BA from University of the Basque Country
and Sheffield Hallam University, and a MA from Complutense University of Madrid.
Since 2015, she has worked for the 150 year-old Manhattan non-profit institution, La Nacional—The Spanish Benevolent Society, defining and steering with their cultural events and art exhibitions.
She has been a Curatorial Intern at the Queens Museum (Summer 2017) and has worked in the Curatorial department
at the Solomon R. Guggenheim and Foundation.
Additionally, Noelia has curated other independent
artshows such as Génerx: del dicho al hecho,
at the Cervantes Institute.